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First Visit

You Deserve a Thoughtful, Comfortable and Productive Expereince.

What do I wear?
Loose fitting clothing or athletic wear is recommended for your ART treatment.

How does it feel to receive ART?
It is important that the hands of the therapists and the body are in agreement! ART treatments should be a positive therapeutic experience. If there is a a level of pain it is often described as a "feel good" hurt. The gritting teeth pain experienced in some soft tissue techniques is often unproductive or counterproductive.

What should I tell Dave?
Your goals are precious to you. Do you want to solve a painful problem?  Do you want to move better?  Do you want better performance in a sport?  Be prepared to describe movements,activities or postures that aggravate your condition.  

What is the ART Session Like?
Your first ART appointment will be a combination of assessment and treatment. After receiving a thorough history, as a NSCA certified personal trainer Dave assesses your function, strength and joint range of motion. As an ART provider, Dave evaluates the texture, tightness and movement of muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Abnormal tissues are treated by combining precisely directed tension with very specific patient movements. A movement or fitness program may be designed to achieve your personal goals.

Active Release Techniques is a patented therapeutic massage technique. The sessions are different than traditional massage therapy or rolfing sessions.

What Results  Should I expect?
Results should be obvious, immediate and sustaining with each treatment.Specific benchmarks of movement or daily activity are identified to ensure positive results are obvious.

How Many Treatments will it Take?
"It depends" is the best answer. Some cases are resolved in minutes and some may take up to six visits. Often cases are resolved in 2 to 4 visits.

Physicians can expect detailed reports of their patients progress.

KPMT (Kenai Peninsula Massage Therapy)

Insurance Coverage:  
With your physician referral will provide you with the appropriate documentation needed submit your claim to insurance.

Active Release Techniques ($65.00)
Standard Office Visit 30 minutes

Student Rate - Active Release ($55.00)
Student rates of a standard 30 minute office visit are extended only to people the age of 22 and under.

Extended Office Visit ($125)This visit length is ideal but not required for a first visit. This office visit is best for a combination of A.R.T., Functional Movement Screen and movement training.

KOOB CHIROPRACTICInsurance Coverage:

For insurance coverage of an ART visit referrals are required from either a physician or a chiropractor. Dr. Koob is an accomplished chiropractor with skill in orthopaedic evaluation, neurology and strength and conditioning.  He can evaluate your condition for ART referral. Your visit with Dr. Koob can be for evaluation to determine if referral for ART treatment is right for you. 

Please call for pricing, appointments and insurance billing information. 

(907) 283-5414