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Recently I attended a squash tournament as a referee; although I had intended to enter the tournament as a contestant, I had been having ongoing issues with a hamstring issue and had resigned myself to only being involved as a ref or “cheerleader”.  The issue had been limiting my ability to lunge or to manage any explosive movements which are an inherent part of a squash game at a competitive level- not to mention the discomfort which felt like a vice-grip clamped deep within the belly of my hamstring.  While at that tournament, I met Edward who approached me and inquired as to why I was not playing, so I explained the hamstring issue. 

Dave then began quizzing me on the symptoms and surmised that rather than a hamstring issue, it was likely to be an issue with my sciatica.  I was a bit doubtful, as I was having no back pain, or referred pain of any type which was what I had associated sciatica issues with.

Dave offered to “look” at the issue and took we found a little bench in the fitness center where he started probing my hammy and immediately confirmed that the issue was in fact my sciatic nerve.  Furthermore, while he was probing and maneuvering my leg, he also stated that I had some issues with my adductor in the same leg.  While I had been having discomfort with my adductor, I had not mentioned it to him, having assumed it was simply a result having had recently overdone with some stretching and exercises.

Dave then began to a variety of manipulations, all the while explaining in detail what he was able to determine.  I appreciated his explanations as they further encouraged me that in fact he did know what he was talking about, while simultaneously giving me some optimism that in fact the issue could be resolved.

After about a 30-minute session of probing and manipulating my leg, I was already feeling some relief.  He then advised me to rest it for a night and generously offered to do some work on it again the next day.

The next morning I went about my daily dog walk and was not feeling the same pain, though I was afraid to “test” the leg as I did not want to re-injure it, and inasmuch as the issue had been bothering me off and on for over two years, I was still a bit incredulous.

I did meet Dave again on the second day and he followed up with more treatment. 

While, I only was able to receive two treatments as we live over a hundred of miles apart, I was back on the squash court and playing rather aggressively within three days! 

I have never written a testimonial before and have always been a bit doubtful when reading them, but for what it is worth, Dave’s assessment was spot on, while his treatment was very effective.

Even though Dave lives over 100 miles away, I would not hesitate to return to him for more treatment as it’s a simple decision when considering the option of having limited mobility and ongoing pain.

Thank You Dave,

Joseph “Leaf” Robinson

I went to five different doctors and noone could tell me why my hand was numb.  It was assumed that I just needed surgury.  I was losing grip and dropping my spoon when I tried to eat.  Dave was able to find a nerve that was trapped in my forearm and my strength and grip was better in a matter of hours.

I can't believe that I have no shoulder pain.  My shoulder has hurt for a year and I was sure that I needed surgury.  Two treatments with Dave and my problem is solved.  I would recommend Dave's treatment to anyone.

After 8 years of struggling to heal back and hip pain, I decided to give ART a try.  I had been using Rolfing, and seeing a Chiropractor but I would hurt soon after from repetitive motion at my job.  I basically had no other life due to pain and lack of energy.  After a few appointments Dave started to realize what the root of my issues were and due to years of pain it has been a process but he has given me an “after work” life again.  My back was so twisted and locked to my hip that everything I did pulled on my back.  It was so wonderful to not hurt.  Dave is driven and committed to fix you like I’ve not seen by anyone else.  I encourage everyone I meet who is hurting to give Dave or ART a try.  It is a treatment that doesn’t flair you up as Rolfing and Adjustments do, giving you a better chance to move forward with healing.

I just want to let people know just how miraculous ART is. I've known Dave since 2009 when I ran my first marathon in Kenai. I've been back every year since and every year I seem to have some new ailment. In 2009 I was recovering from a hamstring injury, last year it was tennis elbow and this year it was pain in my knee. While my previous experience with ART is excellent I have come across a couple practitioners who just aren't as talented as Dave and unfortunately I live in Anchorage so I'm still trying to find someone who will do as a good a job as Dave.

This year I showed up at the Kenai Visitor's Center early for the race September 25th with the hope that I would get a chance to have Dave work on my knee. As I entered the room Dave greeted me and noticed I had a 'gimp' going. I told him about my knee and that I had seen another ART practitioner and what their diagnosis was. Dave started working on my knee and in minutes realized that I had been improperly diagnosed. He performed some manipulations, had me stand and walk to see how the knee felt, not quite right, so he worked a little more on me. That time he nailed it: the pain was gone. He informed me that there had been some sort of build up on my meniscus.

I ran my marathon and PR'd at 3:52 my knee was pain free and still is to this day, October 30th! Since the marathon I've been running just as I always have if not more. Thank you Dave you are the best.

Thank you,
Ed Gross

For eight months, I was tormented after two microdiscectomies and a laminectomy left me disabled- wracked with interminable, constant low back and sciatic nerve pain. Unable to sleep and dependent on others for even the simplest of things, all conventional medicine did was repeatedly supply me with narcotics and tell me “give it more time”. I felt every doctor visit was a lesson in futility.

Then, through a good friend, I discovered David Edwards-Smith and A.R.T. The results, even after my first visit, were convincing, quantifiable and profound. The incessant numbness in my knee and burning sensation in my calf is gone, my back and leg pain reduced considerably, and measured progress continues with promise- a fresh and welcome approach. David’s method is one of compassion and genuine concern, exactly what I sought from a health care provider. He, Dr. Koob and staff are professional, informed, and are recommended unequivocally without reservation.

Tim Tobin


I have lived with chronic and acute left hip pain for the past few years. I'd have good days and bad days, but it was definitely getting worse as time went on. I finally learned about your practice and went to you with hopes of getting relief from my pain. I appreciated my first visit with you because you took the time to educate me about what you were going to do, took time to evaluate all of my symptoms and history, and you told me what and why you were doing as you treated me. You also were up front about telling me that it may take 4-6 appointments before we got to the root cause of my problem, and that if after 6 appointments you weren't able to help, then I'd need to see an orthopaedic surgeon.

In the back of my mind, I was pretty positive that my hip problem was a result of arthritis, but if you could help and maybe delay hip replacement, I wanted to give it a try. Well, I think I've been to you exactly 6 times total. Each visit I would get immediate relief from your manipulation / ART treatment. I am so amazed at how much my quality of life has improved. I also have now come to realize (through your examination and explanation) that the hip joint itself is not my source of pain - it is actually soft tissue related and it looks like a hip replacement is not in my future. THANK YOU so much for your talents and expertise in helping me with ART. I am so impressed with ART that I have now recommended you to my friend.



you are my hero. After 1 session, I am pain free. I was injured over 4 years ago and have been pain ever since.Yesterday, I felt NO pain!!! Thank you again.

Monty Murray