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What is Active Release Techniques® ?
Active Release Techniques is a soft tissue management system so different that it has been granted a medical patent. ART® providers use their hands and patient motion to effectively reestablish motion between fascial planes, thus reducing fibrous adhesions and reestablishing neural and myofascial glide between tissues. ART® is a patented, state of the art soft tissue case-management system that allows a practitioner to diagnose and treat the underlying causes of a variety of soft tissue problems. There are over 500 specific protocols that are unique to ART® and include advanced long track nerve entrapment procedures. An ART provider is trained to palpate and treat more than 300 fascial injuries and over 100 nerve entrapments, which often cause numbness and tingling.

Why Make an Appointment?
1. A skilled provider can detect tissue problems that cannot be detected with conventional medical and orthopeadic testing.

2. ART brings permanent resolution to conditions that have been considered untreatable.

3. Your brain is smarter than you. You don't often realize that your compensating for lost movement. Discover how you feel when your tissue movement is restored.

How did A.R.T. ® begin?
In 1984, Dr. P. Michael Leahy pioneered ART. He combined principles of his former education in aeronautical engineering with his school and experience as a chiropractor to creat this revolutionary treatment. Since then, thousandsof health care professinals have been trained worldwide. Now, ART is becoming the most requested form of soft tissue treatment in physical medicine.

"I want to assure you that quality care is my number one priority. In order to ensure the highest quality of the technique, ART is copyrighted, trademarked, and patented. By protecting the technique we are protecting our patients. This ensures that consistent, quality care can be found wherever you travel."

Yours in Health,
PM Leahy

Why is an ART Treatment Different than all the Other Techniques?

ART is redefining manual therapy in physical medicine. ART® is a true hands-on treatment and requires a great deal of tactile sensitivity in order to locate, treat and finally feel the release of soft tissue restrictions and nerve impingement. During an ART® treatment, the practitioner must literally feel soft tissue structures very precisely as they translate and glide over each other. ART® uses very specific treatment protocols which are varied case by case to address a patients condition appropriately. ART® is not a cookie-cutter approach.

•Treatment is very specific to muscle, nerve, ligaments according to your presented case.
•There are over 500 protocols considered for your treatment.
•Results are tested and retested.
•Typical cases are closed with 2-6 treatments.

ART® is not traditional massage therapy. ART® is not rolfing. ART® is not physiotherapy. ART® is not chiropractic care. ART® is not surgery. ART® is not like other soft-tissue or myofascial techniques.

What patients are best served by Active Release Techniques®?

•Any athlete that has plateued or has decreased performance.
•Anyone suspected of a soft tissue injury that responds poorly or slowly to conventional treatment.
• Someone that has responded to conventional treatment but has plateaued before complete resolution.
• Symptoms of pain, numbness, tingling, aching, burning, pulling, and decreased range of motion.
• When all conventional tests (MRI, CT, EMG, blood work) are negative, yet the symptoms persist. There are no technological tests for soft tissue problems. Usually, they are best well determined by palpation for altered tissue texture, tension, and movement.

What is the process of an A.R.T. Session?
1 Listen carefully and understand your condition and goals
2 Movment and palpation assessment to identify tissue texture and tension. (You can't treat what you can't feel.)
3 Targeted ART Treatment
4 Test function for immediate Results
5 Repeat as necessary