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ART Corporate Solutions

ART® has been recognized by OSHA as a first aid/wellness best management practice for preventing muscular discomfort from becoming actual recordable injuries.


ART currently has 124 corporate locations under contract utilizing the ART Corporate Solutions program. At those locations our providers render ART as a wellness and first aid initiative for 2 hours per week, on average. This is not a workers’ comp program but a first aid program. The providers see employees in fifteen-minute increments and use the ART Corp Solutions electronic note taking system to track each case. ART gathers and reports outcomes to the corporate management every 2 months. ART handles all the billing and paying of the ART providers. ART has acquired the appropriate insurances to allow our EPN (Elite Provider Network) members to deliver corporate care to employees.


Over 10,000 employees at 124 locations have already received ART! 

Never before has a provider network been formed with a focus on the quality of care. Traditionally, physician's groups negotiate contracts by cutting their fees. We feel that ART already saves companies a tremendous amount of money; so, we do not reduce our rates to acquire business. We focus on savings through outcomes. We currently have and are successfully negotiating contracts with many large corporations and we are placing providers in these companies to treat employees for a fixed number of hours a week. Each contract is different and compensation amounts may vary, but in all instances the ART providers are reimbursed well for delivery of care.


ART has gone through multiple steps and considerable expense in meeting with the highest-level representatives at OSHA and the Department of Labor in Washington, DC. In so doing, ART has received a formal interpretation letter permitting ART to render services to U.S. corporations under very specific guidelines.


More information: http://www.artcorpsolutions.com/ / Phone: (866)369-9182


Source: www.activerelease.com